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CEOs rate their ability to manage change 22 percent lower than is needed.

"Change Gap" has more than tripled in the last 5 years, meaning that the gap between where change is expected and where it is currently being managed continues to widen.  Only 24% of organizations use a formal approach to capitalize on change.   - IBM Global CEO Study

  •   Many organizations are struggling to keep up with the accelerating pace of change, as well as thriving amidst the volatility of today's environment.   While it is difficult to predict what tomorrow's trends will be, the solution will be the ability to recognize change, the ability to manage change and adaptability.
  •   Hungry for change to shape trends, create competitive advantages and narrow Change or Complexity Gap.
  •   Cultivate creativity, coming up with new and useful ideas, will fuel innovation.  Creativity is the front end of a process that will result in innovation.
  •   Learn the 5-Step Innovation Process to provide the system to drive innovation and capitalize on change.

Transform into a Change Master.  Learn to thrive within the volatility of today's landscape.  Seize opportunities to stand out and the ability to shape and lead trends rather than responding to them.