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Alan Williams is an award-winning Hollywood film composer, author and compelling global speaker. He is the President and CEO of Silverscreen Music, Inc., Quinate Publishing music publishing company and Silverscreen Consulting.

As a speaker, Alan has traveled the world teaching the innovation process before world leaders and business titans in more than 30 countries. He is the author of “Directing Creativity: The Art of Innovation.” He continues reaching global audiences with his TEDx talk, “Creativity: The Power to Trend.”

As a composer, Alan has written original music scores to more than 100 films including the Academy Award nominated IMAX film “Amazon”. Randall Larson from Soundtrack Magazine wrote, “Alan Williams is an accomplished composer and conductor whose film and television scores provide a fluidity of melody and enough varied nuances of texture and style to make his work defy categorization.”

With more than 80 awards and nominations, some of Alan’s music accomplishments include: 20 Accolade Awards for Best Original Score, 10 Park City Film Music Festival Gold Medal for Excellence awards, 19 Global Music Awards, an Insight Award for Excellence, and a Prestige Film Award. Alan was awarded the Jerry Goldsmith Award for Best Documentary and received a Hollywood Music in Media Award for Best Original Song along with 3 other HMMA nominations and an Annie Award nomination. In 2017 Alan received the Global Music Awards Odyssey Lifetime Achievement in Music. 


My Story

I’m a creative. I’ve always been a creative. At age 7 I began playing the piano. It wasn’t long until I began “adding” music to the pieces I was playing. Creating music began early for me, as I began composing my first works by age 12. Fast forward; 2 college degrees in music and film music composition, a 25-year career as a film composer and conductor, my passion for creating has never been more vibrant!

I believe we are all creative. The mental process of generating new ideas or concepts is something we are all born with. I believe this so passionately that I have dedicated of portion of my creative energies to share this message with the world.

What began as an invitation 12 years ago to share my creative process with a few executives in Los Angeles, my message of Directing Creativity has taken me to the far corners of the globe - 30 countries and counting! Directing Creativity has transcended a mere belief in the creative potential in all of us, to a systematic approach to drive innovation across all levels and functions of global business, the public sector, in communities, throughout educational systems, as well as a range of other organizations. It has, at times been breathtaking to see these steps apply cross-culturally and generationally, bridging all sorts of socio-economic gaps and helping highly diverse groups learn how to become innovators.

At one of these events where I shared this message, I spent time with John Maxwell, a titan in the non-fiction publishing and speaking industries. While together in Aruba, during our speaking tour of the Caribbean, John and I talked about my presentation on creativity. At some point I mentioned to John that I was thinking about writing a book about the subject. A few weeks after returning home John sent me a personal note in the mail that simply read, “Write the book on Creativity and keep adding value to others!”

So I have. “Directing Creativity: The Art of Innovation” provides the connective dots of creation. Delving into my own creative process as a film composer, I’ve discovered steps that I follow on every project. As I compose, there are steps, an algorithm that I always follow. I actually have a structured creative process that fill the blank page with musical notes!

These steps do not just apply to composing music. They provide a framework for all creativity and innovation. The steps I use to create music are the same steps that all innovators use, whether they realize it or not.

My workshops, keynotes and consulting services unveil the steps innovators use to create. They will enhance your process of creation. Whatever your profession, position or passion, as you begin Directing Creativity you will discover that you too are an artist of innovation. Once you embark on this journey, applying the steps of innovation, the results will be numerous. The solutions to problems become plentiful and your dreams become YOUR treasured creations!