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Only 48% of leaders feel prepared to cope with complexity.

Creative leaders grow revenues faster and generate higher profits than other business models, earning market valuations as high as eight times revenue.  - IBM Global C-Suite Study

  •   Use the 5-Step Innovation Process to provide the system to drive innovation.
  •   Orchestrate creataive leadership within:

Culture - promote the development of 'agents of change'

        • Big Ideas    

        • Remove barriers   

        • Climate for creativity         

        • Cultivate Creativity

Concept - provide 'big picture' skills

        • Vision    

        • Provide playing field   

Cornerstone - develop a plan for success

        • Adapt for survival    

        • Broaden Perspectives   

        • Be First, Be Best      

  •   Explore unconventional partnerships, think like a disruptor, innovate together as a system.